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Don't lose control of your product when loading it

Your product is the most important, take care of it until delivery

It is true, sometimes transport is a comodity or doing it internally would not be competitive but that is not at odds with losing visibility of where and how our product is.

Link your expeditions with your carriers, use telemetry to know the exact conditions of your product so that when it arrives at your client’s house it meets exactly the conditions that you wanted.

And don’t think it’s just about knowing where it is. It is about temperature, humidity, blows, estimated time of arrival, reliable information for you and your customers.


Smart tracking of your products: only exceptions require your attention.

Proactively notify your customers that something is wrong with your product. Avoid embarrassing situations.

Improve your processes with the digitization of the entire process. You receive the signatures and documents in real time.

Secure loading or unloading procedures with acceptance forms.

Messages from our clients and our clients' clients

It is not the best situation to have to tell your client that they will not receive an order, but now at least we are the ones who call when there is an insurmountable problem. It is by far, much better than before, when they had to call us to find out where their merchandise was.
Antonio Paro
Food sector producer
Assuming a communication platform with our carriers has been key in the digitization process. We have greatly improved the entire sales process. Now we have an almost, almost autonomous system that allows us to focus our efforts where they are really needed.
Maria Robles
Financial Director
One of our best suppliers proposed us to use Hardman and the truth is I could not be more pleased with that proposal. We don't have constant flow but we get closer. We have had many tensions in the past due to the non-visibility of the delivery process of the materials that we require for our production. Now my life has improved a lot and that of our suppliers and clients as well.
Birgitta Larsson
Production manager

All chain visibility

Give your clients and your clients' clients the visibility and traceability they deserve. A visibility that is not only informative, but also functional.

Alarms and incidents

Lleva una gestión clara y sencilla de todas las incidencias que se producen. Adjúntalas a tus expediciones o rutas para poder hacer un completo análisis de causas y costes.


Real time communications with your customers and suppliers through EDI communications. Get the status of your products in real time and be the first to act accordingly.


No additional work. Our systems integrate with you and other providers. In fact integrating a new supplier or customer has never been so easy as they do it through our systems. A powerful API allows you to obtain or record any data.

Easy to use

A very powerful application with a very, very low learning curve. Our system is easy to use for all agents. Thus we decrease learning times.


Our systems not only act as a technological platform. Also as a reliable information repository. Records on expeditions, telemetry, incidents will be protected against modifications or alterations. You can count on our information to reflect the reality that happened.

How does hardman work?

We notify you or give you links to know at all times the status and location of your cargo.

They have access to obtain the documentation, if pertinent, of their expeditions, as well as an unequivocal record of its telemetry.

Integrated through EDI messages. Less work, less chance of error.

They send us the expeditions and routes they require, with their conditions. If you use our slot system we can reserve it digitally.

Help your client reduce incorrect billing problems.

You can stop the billing processes depending on the delivery result. If a load arrives badly, you can analyze what happened immediately and determine if there is an impact on billing and act accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 25 customers each with a different system. You will communicate with all of them in the same way: using Hardman.

Each one sees and receives information about their expeditions, even when you have done groupage, they only see the portion of data that corresponds to them.

Forget about the papers, the reverse logistics of the documentation.

All digital documentation, without papers, without losses. Enrich it with images, attachments, temperature readings or any other data you need, without fear of losing anything.

Receive and send expedition information through EDI messages automatically.

A control panel of all operations. Dedicated to detecting business-related problems

All incidents expressed at a central point, without the need for supervision, if something goes wrong, the system warns us. We do not need to regularly monitor operations.

Fast, reliable and reliable communications.

No jobs are lost or anything is misplaced/lost.

Ordinary follow-up calls are not needed. Everything comes to us when a problem occurs but not before.

Processes thought of in a digitized world. Without paper, in real time. Obtain the documentation signed by the client at the exact moment he signs it.

Modify delivery notes and invoice automatically, without waiting for the parts.

Reduce incorrect billing problems.

It allows you to stop the billing processes depending on the result of the delivery. If a load arrives badly, you can analyze what has happened immediately and determine if there is an impact on billing.

You can invite your new operators, punctual operators to use the same technology at no additional cost.

This way your quality level will not be affected.

A homogeneous form of management.


It doesn’t matter if your products move in a large vehicle, van, car, boat or airplane. Telemetry is very important, fundamental today.

Hardman allows you to obtain the telemetry of your vehicle, if it has it, and link it with your expeditions. Without the need for any management, it is linked to the route or expedition report.

There is usually the concept that telemetry is expensive and based on location. Nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly positioning is very important, but its lifespan is very short, while we have not yet delivered the product. The most valuable telemetry is that relating to the load: temperature, humidity, kinetics, etc. Any variable that may cause that load to be determined as invalid or deficient.

Being able to show that you have carried the load to the correct temperature and humidity has saved more than one.

If you have vehicles or transport providers with telemetry, connect to it and get the most out of it.

And if they don’t have it, we can offer it to them. No maintenance cost. Just by using our platform will you be able to obtain the telemetry of your vehicles. Totally free.

Telemetría - Tomar decisiones en tiempo real

Take care of your products

Telemetry is more than knowing when a commodity is going to arrive. Linked to Hardman will allow you to have a global vision of the situation of your products and the materials or components you need to make them.

And this value is not only good for you, it is also good for your customer and your suppliers.

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