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Telemetry for your assets

What does telemetry mean?

Know at all times the real situation of your assets, whether they are trucks, trailers, containers or merchandise.

At Hardman we have the ability to unite different telemetries from different providers so that you have a homogeneous management of your assets.

And when you do not have equipment or suppliers with sensors, we can supply you with our devices: reliable, without hidden costs and adjusted to your needs.

Telemetry is more than a position: it is temperature, humidity, shock, lighting, level or any other measurement that is important to you.


Get real-time visibility of your assets

Protege tus activos. Siempre localizados, siempre conectados.

Información en tiempo real. Adelántate a las necesidades de tu cliente.


Nuestro producto más comprado. Permite la localización así como la medición cinética del dispositivo.

Se instala facilmente y está pensado para una larga duración en las condiciones más duras.

Long-lasting standalone device for complex telemetry. Configurable according to needs

Tracking device on load. Available from 7 to 60 days of autonomy, not recoverable.

Positioning and remote communications.

Telemetry device to obtain information from the CAMBUS of the vehicle.

It allows to obtain internal information of the vehicle.

Temperature measurement system for Hardman T and Hardman R

Sistema de medida de temperatura y humedad para Hardman T y Hardman R.

Cierre electrónico con posicionamiento y comunicaciones.

Permite la apertura remota, registro de posición, aperturas y intentos de intromisión.

If you require complex telemetry projects, on “difficult” assets. Solutions that nobody has tried before this is your site.


Access our store and buy our products. Remember that positioning is free and for life.

Telemetría - Tomar decisiones en tiempo real

Protect your assets

Telemetry is more than knowing when a package is going to arrive. Linked with Hardman, it will allow you to maximize and protect your assets to the maximum. Whether they are containers, tractors, semi-trailers, or bicycles, your business units will be cataloged and with an active monitoring with which you will obtain positioning but also situation, status, conditions, ETA, etc.

And this value is not only good for you, it is also good for your client.

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