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Competing on price is the ruin of the sector

Let’s be realistic: we almost always compete on price, so it has become the only thing we value. And that is the ruin of the whole industry. Obviously changing is
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You can no longer wait

For now it is a law that is not fulfilled, a pact that is not known if it will come. But when it does, it promises to be the most
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Digitize logistics and transport

In the last two years, mainly due to the health crisis, discourses related to the digitization of logistics and transport have increased. However, the reality is that supply chains still
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Chat is here!

You ask yourself:  Why do they want a chat? A chat? We already have whatsapp! Well, for many things! Chat is an informal form of communication but very effective and fast. Integrating business communications in the form of chat can
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Using slots

This article explains the operation model of the slot / upload / download reserve window The slot screen display is divided into two parts: The first indicates the temporary slot
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Logistic / Supply chain tower control

Logistics-oriented control tower or supply chain A logistics control tower is a centralized solution with the organization and the adapted processes needed to centralize and process the data of all
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