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Keep your customers informed of where their expedition is, the conditions it is in and when it will arrive.
A well-informed customer, especially in adversity, is a well-cared-for customer. And taking care of customers is key to their satisfaction. And there is nothing better for a business than satisfied customers.


We will inform you in real time of any problem or incident that occurs in your expeditions., In this way it will no longer be necessary to manage the ordinary to identify risks. These come to you, so you recover your time and you only have to manage the extraordinary: Exception management.

Artificial intelligence

Our systems identify risks, look for problems even before they occur, so you can get ahead of them.
An invaluable help in the form of an intelligent agent that reduces the ordinary workload of your work group and adds value to your product.


The average waiting time in a logistics platform is 3 and a half hours. Even if you have a good indicator, it is very likely that it will not go below the hour.

This is not free, it is tremendously expensive. A platform that moves 100 trucks, this inefficiency translates into:

  • More than 92,000 productive hours
  • About 2,000,000 kilos of CO2
  • And direct costs of more than €1,400,000

But these costs are only a part, the tip of the iceberg, the costs are in the human resources necessary to manage all this.

Hardman is a platform that optimizes, automates and even outsources and digitizes this process, reducing waiting costs to 0 and reducing operating costs.

Logistic Tower Control

A point of union of all the data referring to your logistics chain. Access the real status of everything, at any time and from anywhere. Data updated in real time.

Where it is, when it should arrive, temperature, humidity or any other factor that is determining for your load.

Data and data that our systems analyze to identify risks and possible incidents. Predicting behaviors and situations that could turn into problems.

Your agents are informed about these risks, in this way it is not necessary for them to dedicate themselves to managing the ordinary in search of risks. They should only manage the extraordinary, the exception and recover valuable time for your business.

The control tower becomes your ally, an agent with AI that constantly monitors that everything flows.

And the work does not end with supervision, it also provides valuable data, useful information for decision-making.

Improvement rate

Analysis of data
Savings on lost intermodal links
Savings in intermodal grouped purchase

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All systems work with a single soul. We reinforce the information between them so that everyone follows the marked circuits. If a merchandise does not arrive correctly, we modify the invoice and issue it reflecting reality.


All aspects of freight transport are digitized. Expeditions, communications between agents, messages from the driver, delivery notes, incidents. Everything.
A central point of reliable information.


Throughout the supply chain. Even if there are subcontractors, even if it goes through 20 hands. We link the systems of all parties to give the best visibility. We even integrate drivers and their vehicles.


Our systems do not involve more work, a new platform to feed. It feeds on the others and provides them with new valuable data. We never require data that has been registered in another system, we integrate it.


Focus on what's important. We analyze data from all sources, avoiding the ordinary management. We look for potential incidents so that you act on them when there is still time to mitigate them.


We offer you high-value tools to improve your processes. We are not interested in telling you where a certain merchandise is. You can notify the client to indicate that we are delayed. This is called building trust.

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Success stories

Never trust commercial messages. Here is a sample of what our clients say about us.

Control tower

We came from a system that clearly surpassed us. Now we really spend very little time on follow-up. The notification mechanism allows us to rest assured that everything is going according to plan.
Cristina Rodriguez
Logistic manager
It was like putting on glasses. We now have a clear and trustworthy vision of all our expeditions: past, present and future. for We are proactively alerting you when there is a problem with a delivery.
Federico Vidal
Sales manager
Satisfaction and quality
We have detected a big difference in the opinion that our clients have of us. for We have a good product but we lost control as soon as it was loaded onto the truck, now we respond even before delivering it. for We have detected a big difference in the opinion that our clients have of us.
Carol Saline
Logistic Manager
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Camionero influencer

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