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Logistics-oriented control tower or supply chain

A logistics control tower is a centralized solution with the organization and the adapted processes needed to centralize and process the data of all the agents involved in the chain. In order to give visibility and automate short and long term responses.

The concept of control tower has evolved over time. The first control towers, the 1.0 had as their purpose the centralization of information.

The control towers with telemetry, real-time information were the 2.0.

The 3.0 were those that included management elements, kpi s, etc.

And finally the 4.0 control towers. Those who can “anticipate” risk situations. That is, detect anomalies before they occur. These use artificial intelligence to detect such situations.

What is a control tower?

A system that concentrates all the information related to logistics operations. It has access to all data and all systems report their data. Sometimes some providers call this a data lake and the different systems would be rivers that feed the lake. In our culture the concept of data mountain is more understandable, this big lake, is actually a huge data mountain, difficult to manage. This is demonstrated by the enormous cost of controlling ordinary operations. That is, even though everything is going well, traffic departments have to devote many hours to making sure everything is right, that it arrives on time.

This is where the power of the following control tower versions comes in. In his ability to work with this data and extract the extraordinary from the ordinary.