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Are you interested in seeing the position of your vehicles in real time?

For free!

For free

Because the life of the carriers is very hard. Because everything goes against your margin. Because they are squeezed from all sides. Because sometimes they are the most forgotten. Because they spend many hours away from home. Because when they are little you need a little air to grow. Because we believe in what they do.

And we want and can help.

Hardman Lite is a free vehicle positioning solution for carriers.

How it works?

Very easy!

Hardman lite is a totally free vehicle location solution for transportitas

It represents the first step in the digitization of your operations. Locating and locating vehicles allows you to know and calculate exactly the time it will take to reach their destination.

From here you can continue to grow:

  • Send delivery tasks to the driver. Organization of work.
  • Know whether or not it will comply with the delivery commitment with your customers. Alarm management.
  • Inform your customers of the arrival times of their merchandise. Service improvement.
  • Digitize the documentation. Improvement of internal management.

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